90% of all people look for their preferred products or services through search engines online. And 75% of all online users have a social media or networking profile – either in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Orkut, YouTube or the like.

This is precisely why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are both crucial levers that can catapult you to the pinnacle of online success. However, to reach the peak point, both these ‘levers’ need to launch and come around in a simultaneous manner. But how do SEO & SMO work in parallel? That is exactly what we shall discuss today!

But first we must understand what SEO and SMO actually do. Even though both are streams of online marketing, SEO is the more traditional approach to appeasing the sales potential of businesses online. Social media optimization, on the other hand, has jumped into the web marketing bandwagon of late, and can be considered very much a part of the Web 2.0 marketing era.

What We Aim At Define Us!

While search engine optimization gears the website content and products towards the search engine crawlers (pretty much as the name suggests!), social media sites help make the marketing campaign much more user-oriented and human. Now since you cannot ignore any one aspect of the campaign target, you need to strike a neat balance between these potential but niche targets – individual users as well as the SERP results.

Time-Based Impact

Another reason that will convince you of pursuing a two-pronged marketing campaign with SEO and SMO is the fact that the effectiveness of both vary from the perspective of time. While a social media campaign can generate immense traffic to the websites concerned within a week of being launched, Search Engine Optimization at least takes 2 months to show concrete results.

However, do not mistake the efficacy of SEO in marketing your brand online, for even though it takes a lot of time produce definitive results, it has a long-term and stable impact on the traffic and conversions on the concerned websites. So while you wait for results from the SEO campaign you can keep the targeted traffic inflow alive with a well-managed Social media campaign.


You need to understand that both SEO and SMO need top-class professionals to work on them to achieve the desired results. However, the prices of SEO packages are much higher than that of SMO packages, and the only way to bring it down is to hire Social media optimization packages too. Most internet marketers offer a heavy discount on a dual package, as it helps bring better results at less of the actual efforts.

So this is your chance to achieve value-for-money online marketing results, simply by investing in the best of SEO and SMO packages and saving a fortune in the dual deal.

However, a lot of firms are strong in one aspect of online marketing but are weak in another, but prefer offering both the services to aid sales. Therefore, make sure that the firm you hire for your search engine optimization and social media optimization campaign has proven expertise in both the domains.

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